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Podcasts Worth Listening To: Otis Gibbs’ “Thanks For Giving a Damn”

Anyone who knows me well knows I harbor a love for less-well-known-than-should-be singer-songwriter Otis Gibbs. ¬†Otis is the labor-friendly heir to the legacy of Joe Hill, Phil Ochs, and Billy Bragg. He is a great songwriter, and as it turns out, also a great interviewer. Recently, he has developed a podcast called “Thanks For Giving a Damn,” that features other musicians, usually those who get less attention than they should. Here Otis and his guests get at the heart of creativity, music, and the complexities of life. A good place to start would be with his most famous guest, Billy Bragg. In this conversation, Bragg and Otis talk about the legacy of Joe Hill, the Creationist Museum, collaborating with Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, and the important connection between music and social activism. The two talk with humor, insight, and an infectious passion about why art is essential to the human condition. I highly recommend you check it out.

If you’re not familiar with Otis, start here:

If you’re not familiar with Billy Bragg, start here with a Phil Ochs cover: