Gems from Interviews

Conducting interviews is great fun.  Transcribing them is exhausting work. But without the transcriptions, we might otherwise gloss over moments of great insight people have about their own lives, their art, and their histories.

Here, my friend Peter recalls one of the first old-time jams he and his partner Debbie held at their home, a moment he later described to me as one of the most memorable of his life.

“And after everyone left, and it would have been two or three in the morning.  And I remember sitting with Chris and Erynn in the corner – and we were probably all drunk, which is not a surprise – but I remember Chris and Erynn playing that tune, ‘My Little Satchel,’ with just an unbelievable sense of musicality, and I thought, this is all happening in my life, in real time, and I never imagined I would experience that. And then suddenly it switched over to – well this is actually something we can do! This is something we will continue to do.” 

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